Sell Products & Services in a Unique Virtual Space

All of the participants in BRIDGE will have access to the Consortium EXPO Hall 24 hours a day, so you can use this space to offer additional services like readings, demos or host an Ask-Me-Anything! The innovative vendor booths in our online platform allow you to sell right from your booth. You have the ability to do a live demo or presentation, bring people up on stage with you and chat live to people in your booth.

Some of our vendor packages also include pictures and write-ups of your business in our digital conference guide & lookbook sent to all attendees plus features on our website.

Vendors in the CONSORTIUM can present live, bring visitors to their booth live on stage, present a look book, chat live and sell right from their booth.

  • Custom branded virtual room to sell, present and host in.
  • A ticket to give away to the event (use for an opt-in draw)
  • 24/7 access to the virtual room to host, sell and create opportunities for attendees to connect to your brand.
  • Our system for selling before, during and after the event.

Become a vendor in our EXPO Hall

Join us live November 1-3, 2023
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Who can Participate as a Vendor?

Makers & Artists
Business owners are looking for unique and customized ways to give client appreciation gifts, client onboarding methods and branded merchandise. What do you make and how can you make it easy for business owners to use your products?

Examples: Artists who make branded backgrounds for online live videos, art for studios, engraved notebooks, customized journals, branded clothing, oracle deck designs, digital and print planners.

Online Courses
Have online courses that business owners are looking for? Showcase the benefits and opportunities your course offers and who would benefit from taking them.

Coaches, Mentors and Business Strategists
Want to get in front of a targeted group of attendees? Offer your products and services directly showcased right in your booth. Answer questions and host hot seat coaching or mentoring right in your booth so attendees can see exactly what it is like to work with you. If you want to offer these live sessions we will list the times when you will be in your booth right in our guide book.


How to Use Your Vendor Booth

  • Use a YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Google Slides video to showcase your products and services when you’re not live in the vendor booth
  • Go Live in the booth to do live demos, answer questions or do a hot seat coaching session
  • Answer questions in your personal chat
  • Link directly to products and services available for purchase on your website
  • Link to a calendar booking link to meet with potential clients and customers

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