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Catalyst Speaker
Biba Atta
Biba AttaPersonal Evolution Facilitator
Presentation: Cosmic Currency
Biba Atta supports and facilitates the personal evolution of powerful and driven women, so that they may experience more pleasure and fulfillment and achieve wholeness in all aspects of their lives.
Catalyst Speaker
Karina Blackheart
Karina BlackheartThe Crone Herself
Presentation: Align Yourself

Karina Blackheart, THE CRONE HERSELF is a Women’s Leadership and Whole Life Evolution Priestess. Using effective spiritual inquiry and practices, she guides women of all ages to take ownership and responsibility for the fullness of their personal, spiritual, and collective power. She creates kind and courageous containers for women who are ready to engage in reclamation of their Divine Selves, so they can choose to live more fully, unapologetically, and creatively–embodying and expressing their brilliance and wisdom with dignity and strength. By accepting self-authority, healing our internalized cultural oppressions, and practicing radical self-love, we become unstoppable. We become dangerous women–we embody Big Crone Energy.

Catalyst Speaker
Elle Billing
Elle BillingArtist and Caregiver
Presentation: Abstract Art as Spiritual Archaeology

Elle Billing (she/they) is a queer, disabled artist residing on Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Council of the Seven Fires) land in rural North Dakota. An early talker, an early reader, her parents were never able to get her to stop doing either and said she was too loud for inside spaces. Elle spent her early years immersed in the creative practices of sewing, music, and theatre. She took art her senior year of high school, and discovered that if she stopped talking just long enough, she could find what she later learned was called a “flow state.” After completing her college degrees in education, Elle moved to Idaho where she taught deaf and hard-of-hearing students for over a dozen years. She began painting and printmaking in 2018. When the COVID-19 pandemic turned life upside down, Elle left her career as a teacher, moved back home to assist her parents and care for her own health, and pursue art as a full-time endeavor. She lives with fibromyalgia and chronic migraine disease, among other diagnoses; chronic illness and disability form the frame around which the rest of her life is built. Elle’s has exhibited her work in pop-up galleries with Rebel Art Studio in Twin Falls, Idaho, and her paintings are held in private collections from Buhl, Idaho, to Seoul, Korea. She is the co-producer and host of the podcast Hoorf! Radical Care in a Late-Capitalist Heckscape.

Catalyst Speaker
Crystal Marie Stewart
Crystal Marie StewartActor, Creator, Educator
Presentation: What’s Your Type? Using Archetypal Gestures as Tools for Self Discovery

Crystal Marie Stewart is a Brooklyn resident (originally from South Carolina) and she recently graduated with her MFA in Acting from the University of Iowa. Some favorite past credits include: (FILM) The Occupation, Charcoal Skies (NYC) Lt. Uhura/ Carol Marcus in Khan! The Musical (Off Broadway), Sir Toby Belch in Emit Theatre’s Twelfth Night, Judas Iscariot in Ring of Keys’ Queering the Canon: Andrew Lloyd Webber concert at Joe’s Pub, Hannah/Nancy in The DNC Presents: FTP 2023 #Already Great at Theatre in Asylum (REGIONAL) Cinna the Poet in “Julius X”, Rachel Jackson in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, Paulina in The Winter’s Tale, and Emma in Rich Bxtch. No matter what- she has a soft spot for creating new work. She was the National New Play Network Producer in Residence at Riverside Theatre in ’21-’22, and produced (among other performances and events): a traveling storytelling piece, a virtual Shakespeare education series, several rounds of auditions, and three cabarets- one of which featured the mayor of Iowa City, his mother, and a tambourine. Her pronouns are she/her/hers.

Catalyst Speaker
Marissa Loewen
Marissa LoewenCommunity Catalyst
Presentation: Creating Connection Through Ceremony

Marissa Loewen is a Transformational Business Coach, Community Catalyst and Creative Entrepreneur. Marissa’s first foray into owning a business began at age 11, when Marissa wanted to sell cold milk and chocolate milk to classmates at lunchtime. With permission from Marissa’s grade school, a janitor’s closet was turned into a thriving food service business. With a corporate background in media, marketing, communications, online sales and web design, Marissa created one of the first pop up companies in North American focusing on made-local and art sold in temporary retail shops, art galleries and large scale events, partnering with Etsy Canada.

Marissa works with small business owners to create the rules in order to create thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses that fuel the business owner. She has been in business for 10 years as an event planner and 6 years as an independent coach, mentor and business advisor.

Catalyst Speaker
Seryna Myers
Seryna MyersSacred Transformation Coach
Workshop: Sacred Space in Service

Seryna Myers is a Sacred Transformation Coach, Mystic Mentor in The Sacred Soul® Sisterhood and author of Sacred Anger. Her work supports helpers, healers and recovering people pleasers to reclaim their truth, stand in their wholeness and express all that they are – unapologetically. Her super powers are accessing the wisdom of the unseen world, and holding potent sacred space for soul level transformations to happen. She creates a judgment free space where all of you is welcome – so it is safe to explore, discover and activate truer ways of being.

Catalyst Speaker
Kelly Stegmann
Kelly StegmannFounder of The Boho Witchery
Workshop: From Mundane to Meaningful – Simple Rituals for the Workplace

Kelly is an intuitive tarot reader, charm caster, and practicing witch. She is the owner and founder of The Boho Witchery, where she provides readings and simple rituals for clients who are seeking insight and meaning into past, present, and future situations. She helps both men and women who are looking to supplement their spirituality without having to give up their current form of worship by making magic accessible to everyone.

Speakers & Workshop Leaders

Tiffani Armour
Tiffani ArmourCreative Tech Wizard
Presentation: The Magic of EFT Tapping: Using Emotional Freedom Techniques for Business Success

Tiffani Armour, widely recognized as a “creative tech wizard”, is an innovative entrepreneur and spiritual guide. Her intersection of design expertise, mindfulness, and spirituality has allowed her to cultivate a unique, thriving online presence. As the creative force behind and, Tiffani offers an array of products including print-on-demand apparel and accessories, digital Oracle decks, and self-published affirmation journals. Certified as a reiki master, hypnotist, and meditation instructor, Tiffani seamlessly integrates ritual, ceremony, and intuition into every facet of her business. Her adept understanding of energy and mindset enables her to guide clients through both their professional and personal journeys with increased clarity and resilience. Tiffani prioritizes nurturing her intuition, relying on it as a vital component of her decision-making processes within her business. Through her expansive YouTube channel, with over 100 scripted EFT tapping videos, she connects with her audience by providing them with both practical and transformative content. Her innovative approach of intertwining intuition with business strategy has cultivated a trusting and influential relationship with her primary audience of ambitious, creative women. In her workshops and presentations, Tiffani offers a profound exploration into the realm of intuitive business management. She delves into how rituals, ceremony, and spirituality can be harnessed to spur growth, scale businesses, and foster a deeper connection with audiences. She is committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience, demystifying the influence of communal magic on business success, and the integration and articulation of spirituality and intuition within business practices. Tiffani’s work transcends traditional teaching methods. Her presentations blend actionable advice with intuitive guidance, offering a unique perspective on both business development and personal growth. Attendees gain insights on how to incorporate intuition, ritual, and magic into their businesses and content creation process, through their participation in her sessions. As a speaker, Tiffani is both engaging and insightful. She is known for her ability to connect with her audience and provide practical, actionable advice. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs, share her knowledge and experiences, and contribute to a community devoted to fusing spirituality and intuition in the world of business.

Joey Chandler
Joey ChandlerCore Values Consultant
Presentation: Your Core Values Are Burning You Out and What to Do About It

Joey Chandler helps entrepreneurs and businesses create core value statements that are more meaningful than marketing so they can achieve more with less stress.

Alison Crosthwait
Alison CrosthwaitGuide
Presentation: Inner Work Journey of Microdosing for Sustainable Business Success and Financial Abundance

I am a former Wall Street trader and former psychotherapist. I have stepped away from licensure to commit myself fully to this powerful work because I believe it has the potential to have a significant impact on the next version of how human beings live on this planet. My approach has three key aspects: Practical – we live in the world and this work is about our daily life. Therapeutic – trauma, attachment, relationships, emotional access – each of these lenses are key components of our healing and I bring my intensive training to bear on your process. Spiritual – through belonging and connection we become free. Opening to the natural world brings us into connection with our daily life in a renewed way and medicine work invites us into that process of opening. Combined with intensive inner practice, medicine work has changed my life. The potential for opening, releasing and connecting to all the juicy things we desire is beyond what words can state. And there is no end to that potential. For the right person at the right time this work is a portal into life as it can be lived.

Siddharth Ramakrishnan
Siddharth RamakrishnanProfessor, Scientist, Artist
Presentation: The Intuitive Brain – Unveiling the Neuroscience Behind Intuitive Leaps of Faith

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD is a neuroscientist and educator with over 20 years of experience. His work explores the developing brains of animals and how brain hormones are influenced by the environment, bio-electronic interfaces and neuroethics. With a PhD from the University of Illinois and postdoctoral research from UCLA and Columbia University, he serves as the Chair in Neuroscience at the University of Puget Sound and currently the Director of Research at BMCC, CUNY. A Fellow of the UCLA Art|Sci center, his collaborations with artists have led to exhibitions and documentaries that blend the worlds of art and science highlighting topics like Hox genes, animal umwelts and biomimicry. An artist himself, he recently created the NeuroTarot deck inspired by the Major arcana of Tarot but infused with neuroscience concepts. Now working on a book “The Neuroscience of Divination” with Llewelyn Press, he is delving into concepts of mental imagery, imagination, intuition and insight. With mental exercises and mindful investigation, he hopes to guide people to become better at understating their our powers of intuition, emotional decision making and fine tuning your insight. More information can be found at

Jasmine Balom
Jasmine BalomWellness Practitioner & Coach
Presentation: Standing in Your Power Even When the World Doesn’t Agree

Jasmine Balom, affectionately known as The HealingOne, serves as the Owner and CEO of I Am HealingOne, LLC. As a board-certified Hypnotherapist, Akashic Records, Energy, and Womb Healing practitioner, Jasmine has 20 years of experience in wellness, counseling, and ministry, working with both men and women. Additionally, she created the Soul Nourishing Course and Mentorship certification program. Jasmine’s main objective is to help clients thrive in all aspects of their lives by harnessing her keen ability to identify their strengths and challenges. By addressing mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, and energetic dimensions, Jasmine empowers clients to unapologetically realize their full potential. Her unique superpower lies in pinpointing clients’ current situations and guiding them on a healing journey towards their desired life paths. Clients and students also value her passion for crystals and expertise in teaching them how to incorporate these natural gifts from the earth into their daily lives.

Rae Serafina Barker
Rae Serafina BarkerArtist + Archetypal Astrologer
Presentation: Working with Tarot + Oracle Cards to Cultivate Intuitive Creativity

Rae is a practitioner who weaves archetypal astrology + deep engagement work to support folks in deepening into realness, cultivating creative + generative paths forward, making magic, and coming all the way live. She is also an artist and the creator of the Deep Place + Wordless Oracle decks and the Rooted Remembrance + Serafina Tarot decks. Whether she’s making art or working with humans, her goal is the same: to cultivate deep spaces of power + possibility for truth-telling, mystery-dwelling, and magic-making.

Sara El-Sayeh
Sara El-SayehWriter and Energy Facilitator
Ritual #1: Passion, Purpose and Play

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter, business consultant, and podcaster best known for his ability to write story based, direct response copy.

Between late 2007 and the end of 2020, Adil has made his clients over $821 Million in sales and revenue using his advice, copy, and strategies.

His clients have included Jay Abraham, Dov Baron, Tony Grebmeier, and many many more people and companies across multiple niches and markets.

This has lead to being one of the most sought after, and closely guarded secret weapons for marketers and business owners online and offline.

Unlike other copywriters out there, Adil has written for over 400+ markets and over 14,000+ marketing campaigns which gives him a unique ability to verbalise copy on the fly for almost any market.

Adil’s abilities to find the right hooks for his clients to bring in readers and captivate them is almost unmatched and he’s developed everything around the art of StorySelling, where he combines classic direct response with story-based copy to create something far more powerful.

Being able to both write and teach, you’re in for a treat.

Famira Green
Famira GreenCommunity Focused Brand Guide
Presentation: Business Prosperity Activated: The Power of Gene Keys

As your Community Focused Brand Guide™, Famira works with Women Leaders that understand the importance of cultural competency and cultural equity in the transformations you provide. Many aren’t new to the Entrepreneurial Journey, you’re true to this! You’re Serial Entrepreneurs, Multi-Passionate, and Trailblazers who are spiritually in tune with yourself and take Self-Awareness and Self-development seriously. Famira helps you authentically build your communities by mastering messaging and creating content that shifts your audience. She focuses on guiding you to understand how you’re uniquely designed using the Gene Keys (call her Your Gene Keys Connoisseur™) system so you’re able to craft a blueprint that fits YOU instead of trying to fit into a box or some cookie-cutter solution. She’s sooooooooo EXCITED to connect and share with you! Just consider her your favorite cousin at the reunion! She’s always ready to get the party started!!!!

Holly Ostara
Holly OstaraBook Coach
Presentation: How to Flow With the Energetics of the Seasons to Grow Your Business Without Burning Out

Holly Ostara guides women, non-binary, and feminine-aligned entrepreneurs who believe in the magic of the universe to share their wisdom & gifts by writing & publishing a life-changing book, so they can change more lives & create a sustainable business without burning themselves out.

Joanna Hennon
Joanna HennonSoulSmart Guide
Presentation: How to Use Tarot/Oracle Cards to Boost Business Success

Joanna is the founder of BeSoulmart!, a movement that brings people back to their inner wisdom and encourages them to live their best life every day, not just as a reward for reaching a goal. She believes that what we’re really searching for in life is meaning and fulfilment, and that comes from regular soul connection and alignment, not from achievement. Joanna recently followed her own soul’s desire and is currently living her version of a rich and fulfilling life in magical Galway, Ireland.

Jamie Palmer
Jamie PalmerCEO of Ecocentric Human Design
Presentation: Business Design with Human Design

Jamie Palmer has over nearly 20 years advising and supporting businesses across the spectrum of experience and expertise — from small mom and pop shops and digital solopreneurs to over $10 million a year business owners and brick and mortar businesses and restaurateurs. She brings and bridges her business insight and experience with her human design depth and penetrating insight to fuse and create a new form of business guidance leveraging the human design system for business owners all around the world. She currently works with business owners and students in over 20 countries, making her reach and work global. With a unique ability to take a hawk-eye view and her fearless need to explore the depths, evolve, and push the boundaries of what is established and known, Jamie is on a mission to innovate and liberate you from the false beliefs, ideas, and inner and outer obstacles that hold you back in your life and business so you can truly build a life and business you love. Starting her first business in her twenties, Jamie has cultivated a diverse ecosystem of knowledge and expertise, synthesized into the revolutionary system known as Ecocentric Human Design – which includes the following programs, Business Design with Human Design, the program to create your business model by design; HD Your Biz, a set of programs to build your sales, marketing, messaging, and more leveraging human design; and HD in the Wild, the training program for business owners looking to revolutionize their industry by leveraging the human design system to pioneer and create their own unique perspectives, individualized client services, products, and programs, and HD-informed systems and expertise. Jamie is known for her ability to make human design practical, digestible, and instantly knowable. You can see this through her following and resources shared on Instagram, her podcast, and blogs, as well as her many accessible resources on her site. She makes human design accessible in many ways by looking at and creating programs that teach and leverage the whole system and entirety of one persons’ design, and not just looking at a surface level solution or advice for how people should design their life and businesses. Jamie believes that your voice is important and essential to a future where we can thrive, not only as individuals but also connected to the beauty of a sustainable world and ecosystem. She firmly believes that your success doesn’t have to cost the earth. All of this has led her to appreciate sustainability on many levels and embrace the philosophy of doing more with less. Her unique approach to human design is based on an ecosystem and whole system view, and teaches business owners how to leverage their human design to build a business and life that is sustainable and self generating for years to come. The intention for all her programs and resources is to build a resource you can return to over the course of your life and business. The Human Design for Business book is the first of many to come from her unique perspective and application of making human design practical, accessible, and relevant for business owners world wide. In her own life, Human Design has completely transformed her own business and world by changing how she parents, how she takes care of and understands herself, and by giving her permission to create success in a radically new way — on her own terms. Her hope is that human design can light the same spark and fire for you, and create that opening for you to revolutionize your business and life, too.

Jennifer Latham
Jennifer LathamFeng Shui Consultant and Empowerment Mentor
Presentation: How to Harness the Positive Energy Flow of Feng Shui into Your Business

Jennifer Latham is a dynamic force in the world of personal development, Feng Shui and empowerment coaching. With a focus on advocating for women who aren’t afraid to shape their own paths, she helps her clients identify their goals and translate their visions into tangible accomplishments. The approach? Creating success one goal at a time, one room at a time. A pint-sized powerhouse with a big voice, she is not your typical consultant. With a background in the corporate world of management and marketing communications, combined with her extensive knowledge of Feng Shui, her love of all things spiritual, and her powerful motivational approach, she brings a no-nonsense approach to helping women achieve all of their big, audacious goals. She is the owner of Mindful Living Interiors, a Canadian based interior styling and Feng Shui firm. She is a best-selling contributing author, and a dynamic speaker who has wowed audiences in both Canada and the US. Fifteen years ago, Jen discovered Feng Shui and uncovered the powerful link between goals, mindset, and surroundings along with the practical tools required to achieve big things in the world. This revelation sparked a profound passion for fully understanding how every part of life is interconnected. Operating a successful business requires more than just the practical day-to-day tasks. It also requires a supportive environment that helps make things flow a whole lot easier and now, propelled by her commitment to empowerment and growth, Jen’s mission is to inspire that same passion in others and celebrate their victories along the way.

Samaya Adelin
Samaya AdelinPsychic Alignment Coach
Presentation: Awaken Your Inner Oracle: How Learning to Read Energy Can Bring You Closer to Your Clients & Those You Love (Whilst deepening your Impact & Results).

Hi Im Samaya: Psychic Alignment Coach & VᖘBR∀TЮNAL PRIદΣTE$S for women desiring to grow & make a deeper impact through their gifts and mission and are open and willing to heal & reclaim their witch wound. Tesla said If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration. As a Psychic Alignment Coach that’s at the heart of what i do, helping women visionaries become a vibrational match to the life and impact they wish to enjoy and the very mission that lies in the heart of it all. We work on the energetic and look at how that reflects on the practical aspects of your life and business. Because everything happens on the energetic plane first before it manifests on the physical, we work on healing the energetic blocks, discovering the programs you’ve been operating from, and reprogramming new beliefs that are in better alignment to that mission and expansion you wish to experience. By doing so you become a more magnetic attractor of opportunities and you experience yourself more in flow. You are here to live a life of alignment to your purpose and it all starts from the vibration you emit. So let’s start there and together let’s go down that rabbithole together. Samaya x

Lisa Marie Robinson
Lisa Marie RobinsonSassy Wealth Coach
Presentation: Discover and Rewrite The Money Stories That Hold You Back

Lisa Marie Robinson is best known as the Sassy Wealth Coach with over 20 years of experience in accounting, helping women manage their money with confidence, to feel empowered. After surviving a tumultuous childhood filled with addiction, theft, and violence, her mission is to help women break free from poverty, struggle, and pain. She teaches her clients how to take control of their finances and make mindful decisions that fuel growth and prosperity. When she started her business, she wanted to turn the financial pain and chaos she experienced into prosperity and purpose. She ditched the victim mentality, changed her story and created the life she knew she deserved. Today, as a speaker she shares her story and teaches others how money mindset and money management go hand in hand.

Katherine Creighton Crook
Katherine Creighton CrookMiscellany Body Healing & LSM Clinic
Presentation: Body Connection: How Your Body Can Be Your Partner

Katherine Creighton Crook is a trauma-informed intuitive healing facilitator and body connector, helping leaders and world changers get their body on board with their life mission. With a background in clinical massage therapy, which grew to include visceral manipulation, she started noticing that there was often an emotional or energetic component to the pain or issues her clients were experiencing with their bodies, especially if those issues weren’t responding to more traditional intervention. She’s developed a unique approach to connecting with the body, so it can show you where you’re carrying things you can let go of, or so you can release the energy of what you may have already processed mentally / intellectually. Combining an understanding of posture, the musculoskeletal system and biomechanics with an ability to guide a deep connection to your own body, she helps clients develop a different relationship with their body, so it can be the partner it was always meant to be. Instead of the body being a necessary inconvenience, it’s meant to support you in your life’s work. Every body wants to have a better, clearer relationship with their person, and Katherine is here to help make that a reality.

Kim Eibrink Jansen
Kim Eibrink JansenUniversal Strategist
Presentation: Universal Business – How to use the Universe to create a soul led business

Kim Eibrink Jansen is an International Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Speaker and Author Working with YOU and the Universe to bring about Massive Life Changes & Transformation with Guidance, Systems & Processes for Life, Soul, Wisdom, Manifestation, Energy, Quantum Mind, Transcendence, Spiritual Ascension & Evolution of Humanity. Offering Readings, Clearings & Next Level New Generation Spiritual Work taking us into the Next Dimension of Life.

Helen Tremethick
Helen TremethickRegenerative Business Designer & Coach
Presentation: Sustainability Is Bullshit

Helen Tremethick is a Regenerative Business Designer & Holistic Business Coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to show up more fully (and authentically) in their businesses. Since 2011, Helen has worked with entrepreneurs to build successful businesses that combine contemporary strategy, values-based service models, time for life, and a hefty dose of what makes them unique. Helen lives on a permaculture farm in the Canadian countryside, which means if you ever hop on a call with her, you might hear roosters. To find out more about Helen, check out

Dr. Katja Brunkhorst
Dr. Katja BrunkhorstWriter, Coach , Yoga Teacher, Punk Rock Philosopher, Brand Srategist
Presentation: There’s a Song for Everyone – And a Singer for Every Song

Hi, I’m Dr Katja, here to light a fire under your overthinking, educated, empathetic multi-passionate butt so you can reveal your identities. We need you to be the fullest expression of yourself – and inspire and help other strong women do the same. I’m on a mission help sensitive, idealistic, serial expert women entrepreneurs find their song and share their message from a place of inner knowing so they can grow a business that is true to them and gives them the freedom to be more of who they are. It’s my vision to help thousands of women entrepreneurs all over the world to increase their power by leading successful businesses that deeply nourish them and other women, creating a ripple effect of kick-ass women-owned businesses that disrupt how business is done. This is what I do and what I help my fellow human disco balls do: MOVE THE WORLD WITH MOVING WORDS.

 Amandine Ayala
Amandine AyalaTea + Branding Alchemist, Farm CEO
Presentation: Hemp & Cannabis as a Tool to Elevate Your Business and Life

Amandine Ayala is a Tea + Branding Alchemist, Farm CEO, and Intuitive Business Mentor for values-driven and social change-makers in the hemp/cannabis industry. Her hemp self-care brand Bloem & Moi helps women to prioritise their self-care by infusing a touch of luxury into their daily cup of (herbal) tea, so that they can make better, more aligned decisions in life and business, and keep changing the world with their important work. She has recently moved to Spain where she is running a 90km2 authentic Spanish farm – part animal sanctuary, part retreat and event centre – where you can stay in a peaceful nature environment to reconnect with yourself, nature, and source.

Stacey Herrera
Stacey HerreraIntimacy & Relationship Coach
Presentation: The Soulful Bottom Line: How Personal Relationship Dynamics Influence Business Growth
Stacey Herrera is an intimacy and relationship coach based in Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience, Stacey believes the secret to a fulfilling relationship isn’t just ‘me’ or ‘you,’ but ‘we.’ Stacey is known for her straightforward communication style; she uses simple everyday language to decode complex emotions and relationship dynamics. Whether you’re looking to rekindle an old flame or ignite a new one, Stacey can help you see the trees and the whole forest of your relational world.