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Bridge: Business + Spirituality Wednesday November sessions.
Bridge: Business + Spirituality A flyer with a list of sessions for the month of November.
Bridge: Business + Spirituality A flyer for a series of sessions in November.

Interactive Workshops & Presentations


Cosmic Currency: Money at the Intersection of Spirituality and Business. Join us as we delve into the energetic connections between money, mindset, and business. Discover how your thoughts and beliefs impact your financial flow, and learn practical strategies to align your pricing with value. Begin transforming your relationship with money to elevate both your spiritual and entrepreneurial journey.


In Body Connection, participants will learn how to develop a connection with their body that allows them to hear what the body needs to feel safe moving forward. Part theory and part practical, we’ll start by talking about how the emotional energy our body holds from this (and sometimes past) life can create barriers in this one.


Explore the art of preparing a container, hosting sacred circles, and managing energy to foster deeper trust and soul-level transformation. This workshop welcomes therapists, coaches, healers, and wellness professionals who are committed to elevating their service by infusing it with the transformative power of sacred space.


We have all been there- feeling stagnant in our business, or feeling like the way we present ourselves to the world doesn’t match up with how others see us/see our offerings. In “What’s Your Type”, we will use movement exercises, archetype work, and creative play, to discover new forms of self expression and greet the business world as our favorite selves.


Unlock the transformative power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping in this interactive workshop led by creative tech wizard, Tiffani Armour. Discover how EFT tapping can help reduce stress, enhance focus, and cultivate a success-oriented mindset, all essential for thriving in the business world. Participants will gain a solid understanding of the principles behind EFT tapping, learn how to perform it correctly, and explore practical techniques for integrating this powerful tool into their daily routines.


The money stories you learned growing up have subconsciously impacted your lifelong relationship with money. Do you believe you have to work hard for your money or making money is easy? These beliefs come from stories. It’s time to take control and rewrite those stories so that they serve you and move you forward toward your goals and dreams. Take your money from chaos to sassy and sexy!


What if you could increase productivity, create connections, and provide purpose and meaning to your work day? Bringing ritual into the workplace doesn’t mean a religious practice. Rituals create a space of intention. They help support feelings of safety and purpose. In this collaborative workshop, we will learn and share how small, but meaningful, rituals can take your workplace from mundane to magical.

Intuitive Creativity

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring how to work with tarot + oracle cards in super accessible + practical ways to generate creative ideas, deepen our relationship with self, and cultivate intuitive knowing.

Inner Oracle

Everyone can read energy no matter if they believe in psychic energy or not, rather than a gift, it is a muscle that needs practice. The workshop will help participants identify the muscle as well as get it stretched a bit.

Your energy reading skill has laid dormant for a long time, but once you awaken it will help you problem solve, gain insights and connect with solutions you wouldn’t have thought were possible. The workshop will help you identify the way into these solutions.

Rhythms & Rituals

Learn the art of creating rituals and rhythms for oneness on your teams and in your community.
Non-denominational and inclusive, these rituals will help you build culture and connection with those you work with.

Human Design

When you are clear about who you are, who you are becoming, the strengths you bring to the table, and how you want to serve clients and make a impact THEN you can design a business around those nuances.

But first you have to understand what that entails for your business model, your role, the containers you create, the offer you present to the world and how you are designed to naturally operate in the world.

Business Prosperity

As a Business Owner, with a goal of making an impact as well as income, how can you do this in the most natural way possible?  How can you ensure that you’re working in the way you’ve been divinely designed? By looking at your unique Gene Keys, specifically your own Prosperity Zone! In this session learn from a Community Building Expert and Gene Keys Connoisseur how to tap into your prosperity zone and get the money flowing with ease and purpose.

Seducing the Soul

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify and converse with your rational, emotional, and spiritual “soul parts.” You’ll learn a powerful practice for bringing these parts into alignment and agreement with one another.
When your intuition, thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds operate together in harmony, you move with grace, ease, and rare self-assurance that positively impacts all of your decisions.

Feng Shui

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the Bagua map and show you how to apply it to your home and your office. You will learn how energy enters your home and leaves your home, how it flows through your space and how to fix any areas that are stuck. You will learn what areas of your home are connected to different areas of your life and you will learn how to set up your workspace and your bedroom to maximize the energy you surround yourself with.

Spiritual Archaelogy

Through an iterative process of adding and scraping back layers of paint and carefully chosen vintage book pages, Elle has honed her art practice into a ritual of spiritual and emotional archaeology. In this presentation, Elle will share her intimate process of building a painting and a collection, and how her rituals of artmaking have excavated greater truths about her Self and her experiences.

Intuitive Brain

We make many decisions based on intuition. Most of the time it is blind and unconscious – but something guides us. What can the brain reveal about these leaps of faith? Walking you through the neural circuits behind intuition and insight, this talk/workshop will give you better clarity on your intuitive abilities giving you tools to better understand the mystic in your brain. It will give you some tools to become expert intuitives and understand the power of insight.

Core Values

Core values are seen as the driver of all things good in modern business. But they are proven to be ineffective and sources of exhaustion and frustration. Rather than creating values for marking create Core Drivers that help you achieve more with less stress.

Universal Business

You are being guided… constantly.. in all areas of your life. Do you hear it? Are are you listening? And what do you do with the information you receive? Join Universal Strategist Kim Eibrink Jansen as she explores the implications of how to work with the Universe to create and have a soul led business… it’s not what you think!

Sustainability Bullshit

Explore the possibilities of a business model that goes beyond making ends meet. Regenerative Business Designer, Helen Tremethick, will lead participants through an interactive workshop designed to help you get clearer on the gaps in your business, consider ways to fill them, and manage (gestures at allthethings) all that you juggle.

Energetic Flow

Learning to align with the energy of each season is one of the greatest skills you can learn if you want to make running your business gentler, easier, and more rewarding. By exploring the different energetics of each season, and how you can adapt your work to balance with them, we will develop a sustainable business that continues to grow, even as our own efforts gently ebb and flow. From Spring’s Magic to Winter’s Dreaming, we’ll cover it all.

In Your Power

When you intertwine business & spirituality there will always the boo crowd telling you to go sit down. There is power within you to create a business you are proud of, a life you enjoy, and safe space to live your beliefs in ways that nature you. Join me as we focus on boosting your confidence, leaning into your personal power, and saying fuck them people! Because you are a total badass and its time to own it.

Passion, Play & Play

During our time together, we’ll be exploring passion, purpose and playfulness and how they interact in our lives to bring about better results for ourselves, our communities and our clients.
After a short discussion, we’ll start an energy facilitation session is like a guided meditation where we move a lot of energy and get to know our purpose and passion – and play!

Sing Your Song

Let’s make your heart sing, channel your inner poet and set your creativity on fire in a workshop full of surprises! What you’ll walk out with: SHORT-FORM POETIC PROFITABLE PROSE FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WHO WANT TO MOVE THE WORLD WITH MOVING WORDS.


Learn why inner work is the biggest determinant of both business success and collective change. Learn the aspects of inner work and how to structure your practices and get the right support.

Learn how plant medicine can amplify your journey – I will teach exactly how to microdose for transformation and the connection between this kind of microdosing and collective change and financial abundance.

Hemp & Cannabis

Learn how you can incorporate the hemp & cannabis plant with intention into your life to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and to source, and elevate your life and business.

Soulful Bottom Line

From romantic entanglements to family dynamics and friendships, this presentation explores how these crucial relationships shape our business decisions, our leadership styles, and ultimately, our financial success. Stacey combines real-world examples with practical tips, showing you how to elevate both your personal connections and your business game. Don’t miss this eye-opening talk that challenges conventional wisdom and introduces the ‘soulful bottom line’ as the new benchmark for business growth.

Tarot & Oracle

In this presentation, you will learn: – how using intuitive and spiritual guidance will influence your business success – how to ask the powerful questions that’ll give you answers you can actually use – how to work with tarot/oracle cards in various areas of your business – including to create content, identify and shift mindset blocks, and decide on the next best steps to take.

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