Catalyst Members and Consortium Members get completely branded rooms that come complete with links to buyable products and services, podcasts, YouTube channels and more.

We can even embed a video that plays on demand when you’re not in the room so visitors can still learn about you and what you’re doing in your business.

Ways to Use These Rooms
  • Sell Readings, Divinations or Chats ahead of the show to your audience and attendees. Have them in your branded room while others can see how you work. You get 100% of the revenue and profit.
  • Host private get togethers – we can password protect the rooms and you can share that with either give-away winners or your VIP clients.
  • Sell your products and services
  • Do demos of your product or services live
  • Host ceremonies or rituals with attendees. We can add these to the conference schedule.
  • Showcase the work you do in the world
  • Encourage signups to your podcast, YouTube, social media and email
  • Offer opt-ins or downloadables
  • Sell your products right from the room. We can showcase show-specific pieces or offers and click through right to your store.


  • FREE Branded Rooms designed for you
  • Funnel Consultation & Tools Implementation to support being at the conference
  • Strategic planning around selling before, during and after the event
  • Offer Creation and Marketing support
  • VIP placement in the Vendor Hall
  • Specific Emails with Offers to Ticket Holders
  • Use of the rooms after the event

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