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You’re forging a new path, creating community, connections and creativity using divination, intuition, ritual and ceremony for your clients. Learn how you can make an impact while growing your business

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From email regulations to payment processor restrictions, social media algorithms and creating flow in your marketing, running a woo business has more challenges than ever. We’re just trying to make a living giving people what they need! We have designed this track to be about supporting woo, divination, mystical and spiritual businesses as they grow, scale and thrive.

From workshops to presentations, our speakers will pour inspiration and direction into your business so you can implement, even while in the room.

Welcome to the Bridge: Business, Spirituality & Intuitive Mastery virtual summit – a transformative event designed to empower business owners with the tools and insights to elevate their ventures through the harmonious integration of spirituality and intuition. This groundbreaking summit features two distinct tracks tailored to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs seeking to infuse their businesses with a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

This track is specially curated for “woo” business owners – those entrepreneurs who embrace spirituality, alternative healing, and holistic approaches in their products or services. While recognizing the unique challenges faced by woo businesses, this track provides cutting-edge strategies and expert insights to improve and scale their ventures. Attendees will discover how to effectively communicate the value of their offerings to a broader audience, build authentic connections with customers, and nurture a thriving community around their brand. From innovative marketing techniques rooted in conscious messaging to leveraging the power of social media and partnerships, this track equips woo business owners with the practical skills and spiritual principles to elevate their impact in the marketplace.

Tickets include access to all of the sessions over the three days.

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For Business Owners Who Want More

Mastering the use of your Intuition, bringing in more ritual & ceremony, elevating your natural and divine skills and talents. All of these are covered in Bridge: Business, Spirituality & Intuitive Mastery.

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Taking Your Woo or Magical Business Higher

We bring you the skills and strategy you need to build audiences, build long-term client relationships and simplify your business so you can focus on what you do best.

Throughout the Bridge Summit, participants will have the opportunity to engage with visionary speakers, accomplished business leaders, spiritual guides, and intuitive experts. These thought-provoking sessions will encourage attendees to embrace their authenticity, harness their intuition, and align their businesses with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. The summit fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and forge collaborations that extend far beyond the event itself.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking to revitalize your business with spirituality and intuition or a woo business owner seeking to enhance your impact, the Bridge: Business, Spirituality & Intuitive Mastery virtual summit is your gateway to transformation, growth, and an enlightened approach to doing business in today’s interconnected world.

Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery, conscious entrepreneurship, and profound connection with like-hearted souls who are ready to bridge the gap between business and spirituality. Together, let’s elevate our businesses to new heights of success and fulfillment.